What we do

We produce highly concentrated blends of naturally occurring microbes that degrade fossil fuel hydrocarbons, an example is crude oil. Our products contain not only bacteria, but also a versatile microbe group called Archaea. The archaea are mixed with other ingredients into a custom blend - called The Oppenheimer Formula®. The Oppenheimer Formula® is our main product and all of our microbial products are derived from it.

Our products have a wide range of applications and perform extremely well in diverse environmental conditions. Conditions include; land damaged by herbicide and pesticide residues, soil impacted by oil and gas waste, salt and temperature variances just to name just a few.

To see a detailed list of the range of compounds and chemicals that our products will work on.

The Oppenheimer Formula®


  1. Highly concentrated (100 billion cells/gram)
  2. Organic & naturally occurring
  3. 5+ year shelf life
  4. Non- toxic dry, gray powder
  5. Activated by fresh, brackish, or salt water
  6. Temperature range 32F-120F
  7. pH tolerance 5.5-10.0
  8. NOT genetically engineered and NOT freeze-dried
  9. Hydrophobic - prefer the oil to water
  10. Our products love, love, love hydrocarbons, both biochemically & physically.

Archaea Microbes

what on earth?

Archaea microbes are found everywhere and makeup an estimated 35% of our planet's life. Archaea can tolerate and thrive harsh conditions. Archaea microbes are a diverse group of organisms with their own unique type of DNA, these are different from bacteriaThese naturally occurring microbes recycle simple, complex and chlorinated hydrocarbons into natural compounds.

  • Exist solely to recycle.
  • Extremely versatile - breakdown a wide variety of materials including fossil fuel hydrocarbons - crude oil is an example.
  • Work very well in many diverse conditions including extremely harsh environments.

Archaea Doc

What Do Microbes

need to work?

For our products to work the following basic requirements must be met:

    • Food
    • Water
    • Oxygen
    • Nutrients
    • Contact - with whatever they are recycling

Our Products

Superior results

We have a variety of products that are available to both the consumer and companies.

  • AquaZyme - spills on water.
  • BioZorb - minor spills on hard surfaces and soil.
  • Mighty Mikey – for septic systems and septic tanks.
  • Piranha – spills on hard surfaces and soil. Contains microbes and nutrients
  • The Oppenheimer Formula - for use on soil, water, and wastewater.

United States EPA

NCP Product Plan Schedule

TThe Oppenheimer Formula is listed on the United States EPA - NCP Product Schedule (Products Available for Use on Oil) Technical Bulletin Number B-36 Bioremediation Agent. The Oppenheimer Formula has been listed on this schedule since July 1991.This listing does NOT mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies, or authorizes the use of The Oppenheimer Formula on an oil discharge. This listing means only that data have been submitted to EPA as required by subpart J of the National Contingency Plan, Section 300.915o work the following basic requirements must be met:


our founder

Dr. Carl H. Oppenheimer

Dr. Oppenheimer is known around the world as one of the founding fathers of modern bioremediation technology. He devoted his life to the research and development of ecologically safe and sound methods of cleaning petroleum hydrocarbon pollution. He was instrumental in the state of Texas authorizing the first open water testing of a bioremediation product in US history at the site of the Mega Borg oil spill off the coast of Texas. From our archives