Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are oil-eating microbes?
  2. Are your products safe and natural.
  3. Are your microbes genetically modified or engineered?
  4. What happens if I inhale or ingest the product??
  5. Will the microbes begin consuming material other than hydrocarbons?
  6. Why does the product smell like oil?
  7. Do microbes need special treatment?
  8. What happens to the microbes after the material has been consumed?
  9. What is Bioremediation?

Answer 1:

These microbes are naturally occurring organisms that have been collected from natural water and soil sources around the world. They're selected for their refined palate: with a particular affinity for consuming fossil fuel hydrocarbon based products (e.g., pollutants such as oil, gas, etc.) and breaking them down to natural compounds..

Answer 2:

Yes. All of our products are 100% environmentally friendly, safe for humans, animals and plants, non-toxic, and contains no pathogens. Clean and green!

Answer 3:

No. Our microbes are 100% naturally occurring and organic. They are produced in our facility in Austin, Texas.

Answer 4:

Obviously, not recommended. It will taste nasty, like eating mud, and the dust may make you sneeze, but it is non-toxic. Our products are 100% safe for humans, animals & plants. Visit our product safety page for more information.

Answer 5:

No. The microbes will not mutate into other life-forms, nor will they become man-eating marauders. Bottom line, they will not convert any materials other than fossil fuel hydrocarbons. Visit our degradable products page to learn more.

Answer 6:

The microbes used in our products were raised on a crude oil diet to ensure that they will always eat fossil fuel based hydrocarbons; such as oil and fuel. It's "comfort food" to them.

Answer 7:

They only need what we humans need: oxygen, water, and nutrients. But unlike most of us, they do require a specific food source like oil, fuel or wastes. Visit our manufacturing page to learn more.

Answer 8:

The microbes will either die, return to former natural levels, or be eaten by other organisms. All part of the beautiful green cycle of Nature!

Answer 9:

This refers to any process employing microbes to return a natural environment contaminated by pollutants back to its original condition. The highly concentrated blend of microbes in the Oppenheimer Formula® attack specific contaminants - hydrocarbons - and degrade it to organic materials.